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The wood product industry is developing strongly. New technologies, and in particular digitalisation, allows completely new operating models and new services and products for the traditional industry.

Strong support and joint development and development of the business environment support the ability of small businesses to take advantage of these new opportunities in their operations. 

The Woodpolis2020 project focuses on topics that have become key development areas in the region, but which require joint input.

Key development targets:

  • Regional Development of the Kantola Woodpolis Industry Area (Woodpolis Business Environment, Intensification of Business Cooperation, New Business Opporturnities)
  • Side streams of the wood products industry (exploiting the sustainable development of the Kantola region and the Bridges project side reports and aiming at launching further downstream processing in the area) 
  • Digitalization (in particular, utilization of the customer interface, new sales / marketing tools, new solutions that allow the benefits of the common industrial area)
  • Exports (targeted export markets by product)
  • Product development (regional construction, public wood construction, new product opportunities).

The aim is to create new businesses in the wood product industry, improving the operating environment of the sector, creating more jobs and increasing the turnover of companies as well as enterprise-specific development projects. The wood product sector is suitable for all, especially new advanced technologies also lower the threshold for other than men to start working in this industry.

The budget of the project is 765.167 €. The project is financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 70 %, Regional Council of Kainuu, the City of Kuhmo and 13 companies. The project will be realised between 1 January 2018 and 31 December 2020.


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Regis Rouge-Oikarinen
Project Manager
Kivikatu 2, 88900 Kuhmo
+358 40 6755 402 


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